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The Quest to create wealth for our clients through Real Estate Investment.


LIZOYE PROPERTIES is a firm of talented Professionals committed to providing qualitative, timely and high yielding investment opportunities for our clients and constantly grow profit for all stakeholders. We are equally committed to a conducive working environment and employees welfare.
EXCELLENCE being our watch word, we shall uphold the ethics of Estate Management profession by practicing with HONESTY and DEVOTION.


Another edge we have on the competition is our pricing. With your budget, we over deliver.


For over 20 years, we have been been making long strides in our area of industry.


Every single step along the way, we got your back and support you till your dream is actualized.

Real Estate Marketing

Marketing acts as a bridge between an organization and the outside world, its markets and customers. Both sides of the bridge must be firm before it is safe to cross.
As real estate marketer, we are a contributor growth, a catalyst to get the right people to the table – Drive sales, educate people on real estate products.

Marketing is different in each organization: We strive to clearly define how each client (organization or individual) sees marketing, and as such give tailored marketing functions to each client.

Generally marketing real estate products.

We will deliver, that is the promise we make and will always keep.